Problems with dynamically loaded state

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I have a kind of plugin architecture where I want to be able to upload JS-files with modules and load all those in my app. I have this function in my app: loadPlugins($http, $ocLazyLoad) { return $http.get('api/plugins').then(function (response) { $ocLazyLoad.load(; }); }); A typical (and minimal) plugin could be: angular.module('', []).config(function ($stateProvider) { $stateProvider.state('', { url: '/foo', template: '<h1>Foo</h1><p>Bar</p>' }); }); This works fine as long as I'm in the app and navigate to /foo. But if I go to /foo from outside my app or when I'm on the page /foo and press F5, it doesn't work. I guess the URL is resolved before the $ocLazyLoad magic. The app doesn't know about the dynamically loaded states. I need to do all lazy loading before the URL is resolved. Is this possible?
Oct 28, 2015

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Oct 28, 2015

Yes, you need to use the resolve property in your route: and to make sure that you return the promise.

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Oct 28, 2015

That doesn't help me. I have the entire state definition in the lazy loaded file. I've made an example:

The problem is more visible there - the link to the plugin doesn't get a href by ui-sref, but it is still possible to click on it.

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