How to lazy load file synchronously?

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I have load several files with ocLazyLoad and it logs out that the second load before the first one and it cannot find the defined module. here are my lazy load code ```javascript resolve: { deps: ['$ocLazyLoad', function($ocLazyLoad) { return $ocLazyLoad.load({ name: 'PSS_AdminApp', insertBefore: '#ng_load_plugins_before', files: [ 'assets/global/scripts/datatable.js', 'assets/global/plugins/datatables/datatables.min.js', 'assets/global/plugins/datatables/plugins/bootstrap/datatables.bootstrap.js', ] }); }] } ```
Jan 31, 2017

From the official documentation:

By default the native loaders will load your files in parallel. If you need to load your files in serie, you can use serie: true:

  serie: true,
  files: [
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